Healthcare Professionals Relocating To The UK And Pursuing Lucrative Opportunities

If you’re considering a career change or a move for locum work UK as a pharmacist or optometrist, Team Locum is your trusted partner for a smooth transition into the world of locum work in the United Kingdom.

We provide support and guidance for both newcomers and experienced professionals looking for locum work in the UK.

Exploring New Horizons

Have you ever been in a pharmacist or optometrist role, whether full-time or part-time, and felt the urge for a change? Team Locum is here to help you navigate this transition.

We are dedicated to assisting individuals interested in working in the UK, offering expert support every step of the way.

While we cater to various cities across the UK, London, in particular, stands out as a renowned destination.

Streamlined Guidance for Locum Work in the UK

We’ve developed a comprehensive process that covers all the essentials when it comes to making the move for locum work in the UK.

Our team is here to assist you at every stage of the process, ensuring you have the information and support you need.

The process may vary depending on whether you are inside or outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

EEA Registration for Pharmacists

Step 1: Registration with the GPHC (General Pharmaceutical Council) Start your journey by registering with the GPHC. Access the application form and guidance here.

Step 2: English Language Competency Demonstrate your proficiency in English by following the guidance provided on evidence of English language competency here.

Be sure to meet the legal requirements.

Step 3: Qualifications Ensure you possess the necessary qualifications and accreditations for your desired role.

Feel free to ask us for guidance on the specific requirements for your job, such as new medicine service (NMS), appliance use reviews (AUR), stoma appliance customization (SAC), or flu vaccination service.

Step 4: Registration Management Upon successful application, create an account on the myGPhC system to manage your registration and complete revalidation. Refer to the step-by-step guide on creating an account here.

If you currently hold a Skilled Worker Visa (formerly Tier 2 visa) and are eligible to work for your sponsor and in shortage occupation categories, you can work with us for up to 20 hours per week.

Check your eligibility here under Occupation Code 2213 for pharmacists.

Non-EEA Registration for Pharmacists

Pharmacists from non-EEA countries follow a slightly different process:

Step 1: Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme (OSPAP) Complete the OSPAP and pay the required fee of £687. Access the application form here.

Step 2: Pre-Registration Training Obtain satisfactory sign-off from your tutor for pre-registration training in England, Scotland, or Wales.

Step 3: GPhC Registration Assessment Pass the GPhC registration assessment

Step 4: English Speaking Competency Provide evidence of English language competency as outlined in the “Providing evidence of English language competency” guidance pack.

Step 5: Qualification Assessment If your pharmacy qualification is not considered equivalent to at least a UK bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, conduct an assessment of your degree’s syllabus.

Step 6: GPHC Registration Complete your registration with the GPHC using the instructions provided here.

Step 7: Visa Application

How to Apply as an Optometrist

International Registration

Before applying, ensure you meet these prerequisites:

  • Completion of three full years of training (or equivalent) after your degree, starting from the age of 18.
  • Qualification from a non-UK country with practice rights, provided the qualification and training occurred in the same country.
  • At least one year of practice in the last 10 years with registration in a regulatory body.
  • Achieved a minimum score of 7 in the academic IELTS, with no section scoring below 6, except for a minimum score of 7 in the “Speaking” section. More info here.

Step 1: GOC Checks Commence by completing the GOC checks. Once completed, the GOC will review your self-assessment. Success leads to step two.

Step 2: Application Form Upon approval, you’ll receive an application form from the GOC. Complete the relevant sections and attach required supporting documents.

Step 3: Interview If the GOC approves your application, you’ll be invited to an interview with two non-UK assessors. The interview assesses whether your qualifications and experience align with GOC standards.

Step 4: College of Optometrists Registration Visit the College of Optometrists registration page to apply for a pre-reg job and a Tier 5 visa.

Cost and Timeline

The international optometrists process for locum work in the UK involves various fees, including a scrutiny fee, assessment fee, and interview fee.

The processing timeline, from application submission to assessment completion, may take up to four months, depending on interview availability and payment processing.

Note that if further education and training are necessary, it’s your responsibility to find a suitable provider and gain approval from the GOC. Timescales for this phase may vary.

to begin your sign up process click here for a pharmacist and here for an optometrist

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  1. Hello, my name is Melisa Diaz and I´m almost finishing my register as a pharmacist at the General Pharmaceutical council and I have tons of job offers from different pharmaceutical chains but I would like to work as locum, first of all because I don’t want to feel attached to anyone and secondly I’ve heard that the major part of the UK pharmacists are currently working in this way.

    The thing is that, I’m an european passport holder and I need a job offer and an sponsorship to process my visa.

    My question is, does a locum would have the opportunity to have a visa sponsorship? If yes then, what would be the procedure route to obtain it?

    Thanks in advance.

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